“Polish Concentration Camp” has resurfaced yet again

Please, read the letter from Alex Storozynski on the subject:

Dear Friends,

Poles and Polish-Americans are disrespected on a regular basis by newspapers that use the offensive phrase “Polish Concentration Camp” when describing Auschwitz, or other Nazi death camps.  As many Americans are not familiar with European history, this gives the impression that Poles built these camps. Unless we act to stop the use of this defamatory language, American students will grow up thinking that Poles built these camps, rather than the Germans. That is why I have written a piece about this on Huffington Post.

You can read it, by clicking on this link

The Media’s Slander of Poland: Ignorance, lazy editing or malicious libel?

I encourage you to post you own comments about this on the Huffington Post, and please write letters to the editors of newspapers that use this phrase.

All the best,

Alex Storozynski

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