An open letter to the Republican residents of Secaucus

I am writing this letter to announce my intention to run as a Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in our newly redrawn 9th Congressional District, which includes the Hudson County towns of Secaucus and Kearny. I will be on the June 5th Republican Primary ballot in both of these towns, and if you agree with what you read below, please consider casting your vote for me.

My name is Dr. Blase Billack. I am a lifelong Republican, registered since 1991. By way of introduction, I was born and raised in Passaic County. I now reside in Bergen County with my wife and our two children. I have a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Richmond and a Ph.D. in Toxicology from Rutgers University. After graduating from Rutgers, I pursued advanced studies and postdoctoral research at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in the area of breast cancer. I am currently a professor at one of the largest Catholic Universities in America.

We need a leader with vision, a representative who will listen to his or her constituents. That is why I am running for Congress.

A few words now about my vision for the 9th CD. My two part plan for jobs growth involves: No.1, fighting to establish a stable banking sector which is held accountable for its actions and No.2, fighting for a favorable tax climate will give the needed stability for business, small and large, to thrive. We must also start to take action when foreign nations harbor companies which blatantly steal our patents and take away our ability to compete. I will say no to faulty science in Congress as a means of passing burdensome legislation. If the EPA wants to regulate, let them vote like the rest of us. I will say No to more taxes on energy. I will support and defend our Second Amendment. I will say no to Congressional pay raises until unemployment falls below 6 percent. I am in favor of reforming the UN. I am sick of foreign leaders coming in to the UN and spitting on America. Let’s move the UN to a country that can immediately benefit from its presence and its help, countries such as Somalia or Rwanda that the world has just turned a blind eye to towards.

I will fight to reform Obamacare. No funded abortions or emergency contraceptives on the taxpayers’ backs. It is time to end the war in Afghanistan. What are we waiting for? More deaths? I will also advocate against unfair trade agreements which take jobs away from our citizens. Reform the free trade agreements to make them more fair.

Where has the common sense gone? Why have our representatives lost sight us? Please cast your vote for me, Dr. Blase Billack, on June 5th in the Republican Primary for Congress. God Bless you and God Bless New Jersey! To contact me, email me at: or log onto:
Thank you.

Dr. Blase Billack

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