Anita Zadrożna apel-przemówienie z prośbą o poparcie rezolucji/Anita Zadrożna speech in support of the Smolensk resolution

Apel-przemówienie z prośbą o poparcie rezolucji, przedstawiony prze Panią Anitę Zadrożną na zebraniu KPA w dniu 15 października w Domu Polskim “Cracovia“, 196 Maine Ave., Wallington N.J. 07057.

Appeal of Anita Zadrożna made during the meeting of the Polish American Congress Northern New Jersey Division on October 15th at “Cracovia”, 196 Maine Ave., Wallington N.J. 07057.

Ladies and Gentelmen,

I stand here on behalf of families of the victims of the plain crash on April the 10th 2010, in Smolensk , Russia, which killed Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria; Ryszard Kaczorowski who led the government in exile during the Communist era;  the Chief of the Polish General Staff and senior Polish military officers, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, 12 members of the Polish Parliament ;the president of the National Bank of Poland; senior members of the Polish Clergy, relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. They were all traveling to the event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre of 22 thousand of Polish officers by Soviet secret police in the Katyn forest.

After six months of this tragedy we are still constantly fed with lies, manipulation and misinformation. Russian investigators have still  failed to provide Poland with Tupolew 154, black boxes. Only the transcripts of the flight’s recorders have been given to Polish investigators. It took six months for them to protect the now  rusted wreckage of the government’s plane at the Severny Airport.

 Members of the families of the Smolensk air disaster victims from the Katyn 2010 Association have called for an international investigation into the crash.

We ask for your participation in calling forth an international board which will explain the reasoning behind the tragedy.

The motion to form an international investigative committee has been supported by 300,000 Poles thus far.

,,These signatures are now our only real power which can influence the Polish government. You can not ignore hundreds of thousands of voters” says Andrzej Melak from the Katyn 2010 Association.

The initiators of the idea to create an international committee into the Smolensk disaster are going to ask the US Congress, NATO, United Nation, European and Polish Parliaments for help.

Peter King, a Republican Congressman of New York, submitted  a resolution calling for an independent international investigation of the April 10th , 2010 plane crash in Russia. The resolution ,1489, was referred to the committee of Foreign Affairs.

We ask for your support in our petition to the US Congress for help in the present issues concerning the recent national tragedy.

We turn to you for help in obtaining satellite maps of Smolensk, a tool which could be valuable in explaining the causes of the tragedy.

We ask for your help in consistent monitoring of any activity undertaken by Polish and Russian authority concerning information on the tragedy.

The case of the murder of 22 thousand Polish officers in Katyn, the event which was to be honored by those in flight to Smolensk, waited seventy years for an explanation and put deep shadow on the history of the world.

Let us not allow for this new tragedy to be erased from the memories of the nation, which regained freedom and the possibility to carry out peaceful and democratic change, as well as the right of self-determination.

Let the words of Adam Mickiewicz, our great  national poet, act as a guide for our actions.

,,Should I forget them, may God in Heaven forget me ”.

,,Jezeli zapomne o Nich, Ty Boze na niebie , Zapomnij o mnie”.

I wish these words would remains in your minds and hearts; and have them act as an inspiration to you in seeking the truth.

In conclusion,I would like to express my deep gratitude to the President of Polish American Congress North Jersey Division, Mrs. Bozena Celina Urbankowski, for her continuous support in our efforts.

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