Responding to distortions about Poland’s Catholic Church by the New York Times by Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz

The NY Times today published a partial correction. Prof. Marek Chodakiewicz, a historian who holds the Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies at the Institute of World Politics, has written an excellent letter to the paper. It probably will not be published. You can read it here: Roman ___________________________________ Corrections: January 30, 2013 Published: […]

Cardinal Glemp obituary in the New York Times – another attempt to discredit Catholic Church and Poland by the New York Times

The NY Times (see their reply below) will correct “millions” of Jews were killed in Auschwitz. However, they will not correct that the Carmelite convent was in Auschwitz because “Auschwitz” is the name of the town. Nor will they correct the statements about Jedwabne because “it is impossible to definitively prove that our statement in […]

Stefan Kudelski, inventor of the first portable professional sound recorder died.

Stefan Kudelski, inventor of the first portable professional sound recorder, died on Saturday. He was 84. Mr. Kudelski created the Nagra in 1951, and the invention was used by the radio, movie and television industries, the Swiss-based Kudelski Group said in a statement. He began his career by selling the device to Radio Luxembourg, Italy’s […]

Stan Musial / Zmarł Stan Musial, legendarny baseballista polskiego pochodzenia

Stanley Frank Musial was born in Donora, Pa., on Nov. 21, 1920, son of a Polish immigrant steelworker. He began his minor league career straight out of high school, in June 1938, and soon after married Musial married high school sweetheart Lillian Labash, with whom he four children. Musial fell in 1940 while trying to […]


WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The American POWs sent secret coded messages to Washington with news of a Soviet atrocity: In 1943 they saw rows of corpses in an advanced state of decay in the Katyn forest, on the western edge of Russia, proof that the killers could not have been the Nazis who had only […]

Why the words ‘Polish death camps’ cut so deep Obama must remember that Poles were also victims in the Holocaust By Corky Siemaszko / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

My first memory is hearing my father scream at night. I was very young and it pierced my sleep and sent me racing to my parents’ bedroom, where I found my mother holding my dad in her arms. She told me he had a nightmare and to go back to bed. But I stood rooted […]

Matthew Kaminski: ‘Gafa Obamy’

Mr. Rotfeld, who was one of those kids, several years ago said that, “The thoughtless or intentional use of the phrase ‘Polish death camp’ is insulting and shameful. Not only does it blur responsibility for those crimes—it slanders our nation, which was the first victim of the criminal practices of Hitler’s Germany.” The Karski award […]

Obama Insults Poles with Mention of ‘Polish Death Camp’ – Wall Street Journal

Mr. Obama’s full comments about Mr. Karski: “For years, Jan Karski’s students at Georgetown University knew he was a great professor; what they didn’t realize was he was also a hero. Fluent in four languages, possessed of a photographic memory, Jan served as a courier for the Polish resistance during the darkest days of World […]

Flavor of Nostalgia Grows More Appealing to Poles Brimming With Pride – NYT on new Polish nostalgia

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about a recent cultural phenomenon in Poland, mainly nostalgia for a communist era drinking bars. These are excerpts from the article: Poles have lots of reasons to be feeling a bit cocky. Since the end of Communism, their wages have doubled and their standard of living has […]

Banging the Drum For Poland by Michał Karski

Here are some more thoughts on the Günter Grass article in the New York Times. Although the NYT did amend its phrasing concerning Poland, nevertheless I don’t think the subject is quite at an end. I sent the following opinion piece to their Op-Ed department last Sunday, but it doesn’t look as if it will […]