View video of Prof. Timothy Snyder lecture on his newest book “The Bloodlands.”

Timothy Snyder, history professor at Yale University, presents a history of the mass killings led by Hitler and Stalin. Mr. Snyder examines the region between Berlin and Moscow that he dubs, “The Bloodlands.” Here, over the course of twelve years, 1933 to 1945, fourteen million people were killed. Timothy Snyder discussed his book at the […]

“The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II — The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, The Legacy” by George Weigel.

“As March gave way to April in the spring of 2005 and the world kept vigil outside the apostolic palace in Rome, the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, then drawing to a poignant end, was already being described as one of the most consequential in two millennia of Christian history.”  With these words, world-renowned […]

Film “The Way Back” i syberyjskie archiwum SWAP

Na ekrany nowojorskich kin 21 stycznia wszedł do masowego rozpowszechniania film fabularny Petera Weira “The Way Back” z Colinem Farrellem i Edem Harrisem w rolach głównych. Film został zrealizowany na podstawie powieści Sławomira Rawicza “The long walk”, wydanej w Londynie w 1956 r., opisującej niezwykle dramatyczną ucieczkę grupy więźniów z syberyjskiego łagru nad rzeką Leną […]

The Way Back directed by Peter Weir (2010)

Director Peter Weir succeeded in presenting Polish character and will in a positive way as well as modern history of Poland in a nutshell. He transcended a long walk to freedom by a group of prisoners from the Soviet Gulag in Siberia into a walk to freedom by a Polish nation. Peter Weir must be […]

The Way Back directed by Peter Weir (2010)

 The film, which is based on a memoir “The Long Walk” by the Polish writer Sławomir Rawicz, is about a group of prisoners who escape from a Soviet gulag in 1940 and trek thousands of miles to freedom, across the frozen steppes, across the Gobi Desert and finally across the Himalayas: The lucky ones make […]

Irena Sendler: Mother of the Children of the Holocaust By Anna Mieszkowska

Foreward to English edition By Alex Storozynski After Germany invaded Poland in 1939 to carry out Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution, the Nazis initiated the death penalty for any Pole, and their entire family, that helped Jews. Gambling against these odds of life or death was Irena Sendler, a tiny Polish woman who stood less than […]

PAC Recommended Music: Chopen

Regina Smendzianka: Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 21 – Part 1 (Chopin)   Regina Smendzianka: Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 21 – Part 2 (Chopin)   We recommend searching under Chopin. After results are displayed choose Playlist results for Chopin. There are hundreds of videos with his music. […]

PAC website recommended movie John Paul II

Following the premature death of his mother, Karol Wojtyla is brought up by his father in the Polish city of Krakow during the first half of the 20th century. An outstanding student with a magnetic personality, he dreams of becoming an actor. When his homeland is invaded by the Nazis in 1939, he and his […]

Book: “Katyn: Stalin’s massacre and the triumph of truth” by Allen Paul


Twenty years ago, Allen Paul wrote the first post-communist account of one of the greatest but least-known tragedies of the 20th century: Stalin’s annihilation of Poland’s officer corps and massive deportation of so-called “bourgeoisie elements” to Siberia. Today, these brutal events are symbolized by one word, Katyn—a crime that still bitterly divides Poles and Russians. […]

Movie: Gran Torino directed by Clint Eastwood


Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), a retired Polish American Ford automobile assembly line worker and Korean War veteran, haunted by memories of that conflict, lives with his Labrador Retriever Daisy in a changing Highland Park, Michigan neighborhood which is dominated by immigrants. At the start of the movie, Walt is attending his wife’s funeral, bristling at […]