Irena Sendler: Mother of the Children of the Holocaust By Anna Mieszkowska

Foreward to English edition By Alex Storozynski After Germany invaded Poland in 1939 to carry out Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution, the Nazis initiated the death penalty for any Pole, and their entire family, that helped Jews. Gambling against these odds of life or death was Irena Sendler, a tiny Polish woman who stood less than […]

Book: “Katyn: Stalin’s massacre and the triumph of truth” by Allen Paul


Twenty years ago, Allen Paul wrote the first post-communist account of one of the greatest but least-known tragedies of the 20th century: Stalin’s annihilation of Poland’s officer corps and massive deportation of so-called “bourgeoisie elements” to Siberia. Today, these brutal events are symbolized by one word, Katyn—a crime that still bitterly divides Poles and Russians. […]