“Freedom” Under Socialism by Ela Brzezinski

From the Amazon website:

“Freedom” Under Socialism is a non-fiction account of Ela Brzezinski, a Polish immigrant who grew up under the communist hardships, tyranny, and captivity of ideological rule before escaping to the West in the 1980s.

Ela Brzezinski writes of her experiences and struggles in communist Poland and how these events permanently changed her life. This book documents the true history of this corrupt socialist-communist system of government and discusses the already forgotten slavery, poverty, and terror that millions of people faced under communist rule.

The author’s experiences are contrasted to today’s turbulent political climate and the freedoms which are gradually slipping away from Americans under socialist change. The ideological policies and plans for this country, which strongly mimic those that the author faced in communist Poland, are brought into the forefront and compared to her experiences and research.

No other history books or political novels have been this accurate, truthful, and to-the-point in the documentation of socialist-communist tyranny and how it is affecting and overwhelming America today. Only an author who has been an eyewitness to this ideological rule can paint a picture for Americans of how important it is to protect our Constitutional rights and liberties before they are stripped away from us.

Born and raised in Poland, Ela Brzezinski is a self-representing artist living in the United States. Her love for art began in Poland and stemmed from wanting to find beauty in nature and everyday things in a time where oppression, propaganda, and communism would not allow it. Ela Brzezinski first made her work available to the public in 1984. Since then, much of her artwork is held in private collections throughout the world.

Under the influence of today’s turbulent political climate in the United States, Ela Brzezinski wrote a book, “Freedom” Under Socialism. This book documents her experiences in communist Poland and how they compare and mimic the socialist change that America is experiencing today.



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