Letter from the Kosciuszko Foundation to Senator Schumer

Dear Sen. Schumer,

I wrote to you on April 18 asking your support for S.487 sponsored by Senators Mikulski and Kirk to make Poland eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.  It is now a month later and I have yet to hear back from you.  We also invited you to attend a press conference and rally at the Kosciuszko Foundation on May 2, but your office ignored the invitation.   

More than 100 people joined us that day, many of them leaders of various Polish organizations with large constituencies.  Gen. Roman Polko joined us from Warsaw via skype.  Polko, the commander of Poland’s Special Forces, fought for American freedom in Iraq, but he cannot come to the U.S. to see the Statue of Liberty without a visa.  As the chairman of the Judiciary committee, you can do something about that.  Please move this bill to the Senate floor for a vote.

President Obama said that Poland’s inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program is “a priority.” During his trip to Poland next week this will be one of the first issues that he will be asked about.

The Kosciuszko Foundation and the Pangea Alliance have collected more than 1,000 letters from young Polish-Americans asking you to support this legislation. This letter is being sent to our members and our extensive database of Polish organizations and Polish-American media.

We will continue spreading the word about this to the one million Polish-Americans in New York State until this issue is resolved.  We hope that you will join us sooner, rather than later.


                                                  Alex Storozynski

                                                 President & Executive Director

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