POLISH-AMERICANS STANDUP! – a message from (Ret.) CMDR. Stanley Wiklinski

We are anxious that the Poles of America unite in common cause against the present threat to our country. Whenever, in the cause of freedom and liberty we have been called upon, we have answered with a mighty and ringing acclaim!

America is once again in peril. Our very way of life is under attack. We are mired in debt. Our freedoms are being diminished. The future of our children, and generations of children yet unborn, is being recklessly squandered. The principles upon which our great nation was founded are being eroded. We must proclaim with one voice our unalterable resolve to defend freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the sanctity of marriage. We must cry out, as one, our defense of the unborn child. Let our voices, like a bolt of lightning, flash across America, and roll across this land like a clap of thunder!

If America, to which we have contributed so much is to endure, and be what our founding fathers intended it to be; a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, Barack Obama must be defeated. We must unite as one behind Mitt Romney, for President of the United States!

(Ret.) CMDR. Stanley Wiklinski

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