In the last few weeks some individuals have approached the Polish American Congress with a request to take a stand in causes that are close to their hearts. Some of those causes, however, seem to be polarizing the Polish American community because of the various opinions on the same matter.

The Polish American Congress is proud to bring together thousands of members nationwide representing various political views and preferences, however, we cannot satisfy all of them.

The issue of the terrible airplane crash in Smolensk, that took the lives of so many people, continues to be close to many individuals, and the many theories as to what happened that led to the tragedy remain a topic of vivid discussions since the crash.

The position of the Polish American Congress (PAC) in regard to the issues surrounding the Smolensk catastrophe had been discussed at the meeting of the PAC Council of National Directors in October 2011, when numerous discussions resulted in a recommendation that the PAC should not get directly or indirectly involved in the matter. The Polish American Congress continues to remain impartial in this matter.

Similarly, the Polish American Congress remains neutral in the issues pertaining to the Lux Veritatis Foundation’s application for rights to a digital broadcast in Poland.

We are certain that these important and sensitive issues, that Poland is experiencing at this time, will be resolved in a manner that takes into consideration the principles of democracy and freedom which so many worked so hard to achieve.

For nearly seventy years the Polish American Congress has been concerned with the welfare of Americans of Polish ancestry in political, religious, ethnic, educational, social and economic matters.

We also strongly believe in the Rule of Law, which dictates that every individual and entity – regardless of position, status, political or religious belief – has to follow the law as well as comply with rules and regulations established by society.

The Polish American Congress was a steadfast force in helping bring down the “Iron Curtain” of Communism.

The PAC was also instrumental in helping the Solidarity movement as well as helping Poland to become a member of NATO. We will continue assisting Poland in matters of similar significance, the best current example is the inclusion of Poland in the Visa Waiver Program.

Today, Poland is a sovereign country, a free and democratic nation,
governed by the rule of law. The government of Poland is chosen by its citizens in free elections. It should be left to the Polish Government to seek assistance when they deem it necessary.

Furthermore, the Polish American Congress is a non-partisan organization that practices this philosophy in dealing with elected officials in the United States. We apply the same principle of political neutrality in our relationship with Poland.

The Polish American Congress is taking a clear and decisive position by not interfering in Poland’s politics and not supporting any political party or its agenda. However, we greatly respect and support Poland’s democracy, and the will of the people who constitute the voting citizenry.

February 16, 2012

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