So what is NaszaSciana? – Nasza Sciana

Our First Event in New Jersey. Nasza Sciana is a website created for Polish youth. “Nasza Ściana to grupa młodych energicznych,otwartych i towarzyskich osób które łączy pasja rozwoju tego czym sami jesteśmy – polskich znajomości, polskiej kultury i polskiego sposobu życia.” In the last month we had a group trip horse riding, bike riding and kayaking. We are now trying to reach out to Polish youth in New Jersey who are working and want to make new friends. Everyone is educated and working but enjoys to share activities with other Polish people.

The event will take place this Saturday, July 30 at 9:00pm – July 31 at 2:00am at Mickey’s Bar and Lounge,601 Riverside Ave (Right over the bridge), Lyndhurst, New Jersey accompanied by a blend of Polish and World’s Music played by DJ Adax. Please extend the invite to your children and any other Polish youth that you think would like to come out.

More information can also be found at: and I can be reached at my phone anytime! I started placing posters advertising Nasza Sciana in Polish areas to reach out to other educated Polish youth that like to enjoy each other’s company.

Are you an outgoing person?
Do you enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places?
Are fun activities and adventures something you look forward too?

Well if so, then its time you join “Nasza Sciana”!

NaszaSciana is a group dedicated to adventure and excitement.
We are made up of outgoing, energetic and bright individuals who share a passion for cultural growth.

Being part of this group means taking part in many social events like happy hours and even outdoor adventures:

  • Horse riding, Hiking, Paintball, Water Rafting, Ice Skating, and many other fun activities.
  • In Addition we have evening events at various places around NY. 

Whatever your reason, Nasza Sciana is sure to be a blast.
Hey, we may just be the social network you are looking for.

So if you fit the profile of a NaszaSciana member or just want to give adventure a chance. 

C’mon, kick back, have a drink, and join in on the fun during our next get-together.

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