Wall Street Journal Article Mentions “Polish Concentration Camps” – Need For Action

The following is a quotation from the article that was published by the Wall Street Journal on May 14, 2010, mentioning “Polish concentration camp”.

Picking the Best of Spring’s New Style Books by Christina Binkley

…”A well-shod army of writers has analyzed mankind’s urge to look good, but most of them tell you merely that sharp clothes will make you more successful. “The Thoughtful Dresser” takes you places you wouldn’t expect a fashion book to go. Like Auschwitz.

Author Linda Grant, an award-winning British novelist and journalist, searches the far reaches of humanity in her book of ruminations on clothing, which is subtitled, “The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter.” When she visits a museum at the Polish concentration camp, she wonders why one deportee brought a suitcase containing a pair of “glorious, scarlet, insouciant” high heels…”

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As some of the commentators wrote:

“Poland had never been an ally with the Nazi Germany, nor had collaborated with the Nazi regime. Poland had been under the Nazi Germany occupation from the very first day of the World War II to the last one. Therefore the wording used in the Book is inappropriate and violate good name of Poland and Polish nation who also suffered from the hands of the Nazis those days.”

“There is no justification whatsoever for the use of the misleading term “Polish Concentration Camp” which falsely insinuates that Poles created these camps. These camps were created by German Nazis on Polish soil and Poles were murdered there. Yet the Wall Street Journal has used this phrase again after having been asked not to by the Polish community and has not replaced the phrase in this article and past articles with the correct term “German nazi concentration camp in occupied Poland,” again ignoring requests to do so.. This is insensitive to our survivors and their families and even more so to the families of those who perished in these camps. This also reflects poorly on the editors of the Wall Street Journal as it exhibits careless and sloppy editing.”

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  1. Mike Sokolowski says:

    Article is not there. It is a fashion article. You should publisz a copy of an article on your own. Please publish new link to the article.

  2. The link to the article is correct – if you read it you will find the quoted sentence.

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